able Legal and Executive recruitment agency by professionals for professionals! able is founded by Ashwini Bhandari an experienced lawyer with many years of experience in the legal profession both in private practice and as in- house Legal counsel for international corporations both in the UK and in Kenya. As a result, able has considerable practical knowledge and insight into the needs and requirements of law firms when it comes to recruiting at all levels of the practice and of corporations seeking to enhance, develop or head their legal departments.

Today there are many new law firms joining the ranks of the older established firms many of which have multiplied in number over the last decade. Similarly, the role of in-house lawyers has grown and has been split into many different categories of roles ranging from Regulatory compliance officers, In house legal advisors, Head of Legal Departments, General counsel etc. The in-house lawyer today can often play a very important role in the management of a company’s affairs and often has a place on the Company’s board of directors.

The need for good, appropriately qualified experienced lawyers has never been greater whilst the task of actually finding a lawyer that meets the demanding requirements of law firms and corporations has never been more challenging. It takes an experienced lawyer with a long track record in the legal profession here and abroad to appreciate the skills of another lawyer or professional, with an ability to identify strengths and weaknesses. So here is where we come in. We shortcut the time consuming process of finding, screening and interviewing candidates for you, presenting a refined shortlist of the very best most suitably qualified and experienced candidates most ideally placed to fit the role and the corporate culture of the firm or corporation looking to hire.

Jobs we source and recruit for: -

  • 1. Executive Positions.
  • 2. Senior Management.
  • 3. In house counsel.
  • 4. Private practice practitioners: senior associates and partner level.
  • 5. Business Development Managers.